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Mahant Shri Ram Sunder Dass Ji

Jai Jai Baba Lal JI

Jai Jai Baba Lal JI
Mahant Shri 1008 Ram Sunder Dass Ji Maharaj


Mahant Shri 1008 Anant Dass Ji Maharaj

Jai Jai Baba Lal JI

Jai Jai Baba Lal JI
Mahant Shri 1008 Dev Charan Dass Shri Vaishnav Ji Maharaj


Mahamendleshwar Shri 1008 Mahant Ram Prakash Dass Ji Maharaj

Bawa Lal Ji ( Sewko Piyariyo )

Bawa Lal Ji ( Sewko Piyariyo )

Aarti Video at Bawa Lal ji


Dhianpur Shrine
ShrineDhianpur is situated 19 Kilometers north of Batala. The town is associated with Baba Lal Ji, who is said to have lived during the time of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.
There is a mythological brief associated with this place that one who may have bath in the baoli on a moonlit night of Saturday the person will be blessed with a son.

Shrine of Dhianpur Sri Baba Lal Dyal Ji Shrine of
  Dhianpur  Sri Baba  Lal  Dyal  Ji

Mahant Anant Dass Ji Maharaj

Thakur Dwara Gaddi Shri Bawa Lal Ji Karmon Diori is famous throughout the world. Shri 1008 Mahant Anant Das ji Maharaj, the heir to the throne here has organized a number of religious congregations and has evoked the love and elevation for religion among the devotees and has given them a way to remember the God. Almighty,the revered Maharaj has many childhood miracles to his name. He remained in meditation lost in reciting the name of God right from childhood in Haridwar.He spent most of his childhood in Hari Ki Pauri Haridwar.He became the disciple of Mahanant Mahabir Das ji at Gaddi Shri Bawa Lal ji , Amritsar and got him bestowed as his Guru . Mahant Mahabir Das ji has the waki – sidhi (the ultimate power in utterances). Revered Shri Mahant Anant Das ji also became a complete waki – sidhi achiever . A number of devotees present themselves before the revered Mahant ji to get their job finalized and they achieved for ahat they come. Revered Maharaj has got perfomed Shri Ram Maha Yajna , Shri Vishnu Maha Yajna , Shri Rudra Maha Yajna and 100 Kundiya Shri Ram Maha Yajna. Besides, in most of the cities , he has got Lord Ram Katha performed . This includes New delhi , Saharanpur , Amritsar , Ludhiana and Pathankot where in lacs of devotees got the nector of devotion . The revered Guru is determined to conduct all such devotional congregations in future as well.

contact Bawa Lal ji

Darbar/Gaddi- Shahabad
(Distt Kurukshetra, Haryana).
E-mail :
Phone : 09896020197 : (Maharaj Ji)
  09872658756 : (Vice–President)
  09810032863 : (General Secretary)

Lal Dwaras

Lal Dwaras
The following Lal Dawaras, as reported, are functioning at present in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Jammun and Kashmir, U.P., Uttranchal and Rajisthan :
1. Lal Dawara Mandir, Gali No. 8, Hussain Pura, Amritsar .

2. Lal Dawara Mandir, Sanjay Gandhi Colony, Fatehgarh Churian Road , ASR.

3. Lal Dawara Mandir, Railway Colony, Islamabad , Amritsar .

4. Lal Dawara Mandir, Batala. Distt. Gurdaspur.

5. Lal Dawara Mandir, Behram Pur, Tehsil Pathankot, Gurdaspur.

6. Lal Dawara Mandir, Dhariwal, Distt. Gurdaspur.

7. Lal Dawara Mandir, V. P.O. Dasuya, Distt. Hoshiarpur.

8. Lal Dawara Mandir, V. P.O. Hariana, Distt. Hoshiarpur.

9. Lal Dawara Mandir, Railway Road , Hoshiarpur.

10. Lal Dawara mandir, Village Swamipur Bagh, Near Nangal Town Ship, Ropar.

11. Lal Dawara Mandir, Bhagat Singh Park , Jullundur City .

12. Lal Dawara Mandir, Basti Sheikh, Jullundur .

13. Lal Dass Mandir, Sharian Shankar, Jullundur

14. Lal Dawara Mandir, Railway Road , Phillaur, Distt. Jullundur .

15. Lal Dawara Mandir, Gali No. 4, New Shivaji Nagar, Ludhiana .

16. Shri Bawa Lal Ji kutia, Ludhiana .

17. Lal Dawara Mandir, Mandigobindgarh, Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib.

18. Lal Dawara Mandir, Jonian Mohalla, Faridkot.

19. Lal Dawara Mandir, Railway Road , Ferozepore.

20. Lal Dawara Mandir, Near Shamshan Ghat, Kapurthala.

1. Lal Dawara Mandir, Sector-11, Faridabad

2. Lal Dawara Satsangh Sabha, Kanch Ghar, Railway Band Phatik, Ambala city.

3. Lal Dawara Mandir, Near Anaj Mandi, Narian Garh, Distt. Ambala.

4. Lal Dawara Mandir, Qalindri Gate, Karnal.

5. Lal Dawara Mandir, V. & P.O. Gharounda, Distt. Karnal.

6. Lal Dawara Mandir, Gaddi Hafizabadi, Nissar Chowk, Panipat.

7. Lal Dawara Mandir, Nelokheri, Distt. Karnal.

8. Lal Dawara Mandir, Near Laylpur Colony, Kurukshetra.

9. Lal Dawara Mandir, Ambala Road , Pehowa (Distt. Kurukshetra.)

10. Lal Dawara Mandir, Jagadhri Road , Yamuna Nagar.

11. Lal Dawara Mandir, Hanuman Gate, Jagadhri.
1. Lal Dawara Mandir, Sector 40-A, Chandigarh .

2. Lal Dawara Gori Shankar Mandir Sadhu Ashram, Sector 35-B, Chandigarh
1. Bawa Lal Dawara Mandir, Setia Farm, Siri Ganga Nagar.
Uttar Pardesh.
1. Shri Bawa Lal Ji Mandir, Dayal Colony, Khatoli (Distt. Muzaffarnagar)

2. Shri Bawa Lal Dayal Sewak Sabha, Near Lal Dass ka Bara, Saharanpur .

3. Lal Dawara Mandir, Rampur Road , Moradabad .

4. Lal Dawara Mandir, Gandhi Nagar, Near Railway Gate, Muzafarnagar.

Jammun & Kashmir.
1. Lal Dawara Mandir, Last Mor, Jammun Tawi.

2. Lal Dawara Mandir, Guru Nanak Pura, Jammun Tawi.